Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Future

I know there aren't many readers here and that's just part of starting a blog, but for those who do check this blog out once in a while, a programming note.

With the election coming up, I'm going to try and break down both Obama and McCain's policy positions on various issues like the economy, health care, trade, foreign policy, etc.

Also, being from Illinois, I may throw some stuff up there in the Illinois Constitutional Convention. But that depends if anyone picks up our work... so that might be more towards the end of the month.

So no big post today... no real observations on the stock market other than just remember it isn't the end all be all of the American economy. It is but one indicator. So don't completely panic... plus if you have any extra money laying around, you have to be feeling good about buying stocks... the question is just when.

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