Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration -- Live Blog -- Part V

3:52p.m. -- I need a break... be back in an hour or so if things are still going on... but over all a very very very fun and interesting day.

3:10p.m. --
The crowd has gone to another level. The cold and wind? THIS IS NOTHING FOR THE OBAMA'S! 30 degrees and a wind chill in the teens! This is nothing compared to what we go though in Chicago. Anyway, they just made Obama go back into the car as they pass the Old Post Office Building (which is a bad food court if you're wondering, but a decent view of DC if you go to the top of the tower). There is a weird O-BA-MA chant going.

3:07p.m. --
In 2001 at about 9:30p.m. I did this very same walk. The street was empty, just a few homeless guys trying to sleep and a ton of garbage and protest signs, and I walked up Pennsylvania Ave since the street was still blocked off to cars. It's a huge street with these large, but not tall, buildings lining the street. It's just so cool to watch them walk down this street.

-- The Obama's just got out of the car and are walking up Pennsylvania Ave. Very very very cool. This, my friends, is how a democracy should be.

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