Friday, March 27, 2009

So About Last Night...

Okay, so that post about Midwest Bank yesterday? I take it all back.

They moved down the street. So they're still there, just down the street. Maybe their lease was up. Maybe they got a better deal. But the branch is still there. Just a block and a half away.

I'm sorry.

But as I sort of joked about blogs in that post, it does prove a point about the criticisms of blogs. If I were a reporter for a newspaper, I would have to call Midwest Bank and find out what happened. If I had done that, they would have told me that the branch didn't close and they didn't lay anyone off, they just moved down the street. The story would have ended there.

Blogs are different because there is not fact checking process (well not much of one anyway). Observations are useful and provide great insight, but observations need to be checked. Any sort of reporting should actually be reported. Blogs don't work that way, you see it, you write it, you post it. And if it's not true, oh well.

So I'm sorry about that. Midwest Bank, my apologies.

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