Monday, October 19, 2009

The Chicago Police Department's Image Problem

Second City Cop rips a new program/policy that the Chicago Police Department is undertaking, the “Customer Satisfaction Survey Pilot” Program.  He rips it.  To shreds.

Now, I've never been a cop.  Will never be a cop.  But I'll say this, Chicago Police Officers, for the most part are assholes.  Sorry, but they are.  I can't recount one positive encounter I've had with them. I've never been arrested, never been questioned, but I don't even bother asking them questions because they just look down their noses as if to say, 'I'm protecting you, prick.'

I get it, being a cop ain't easy.  I thank them all for what they do. But they're total jagoffs 90% of the time.  I'm sure they're good fathers and mothers and husbands and wives, but in the uniform, they're pricks.

I'm sick of Chicago Cops running red lights and stop signs because they don't want to wait.  I'm sick of them standing around as if their shit don't stink in the Loop.  I hated when they were total pricks as we ran though the city in high school for cross country practice.  I'm sick of reading headlines them treating protesters as if they were an Iraqi prisoner.  

The CPD has a major public image problem.  Second City Cop can bitch about the customer service survey, but to the law abiding, ain't causing no trouble sector of the population (aka the majority), the CPD is a bunch of jagbags.  And while we appreciate what they do for us as a whole, we also know that you guys stopped policing last year because you were upset about Weis.  We know that you racially profile.  We know all this.  And we don't always like it.

So yes, the survey might be a little misguided, but you guys also have a public image problem.  The public doesn't like you because you guys are dickheads.  We don't like you because you guys turn on your lights every single time you're at an intersection that has a red light, roll though, and then flip them off.  So you might not like the survey and other shit that's coming from 25th and Michigan, but you guys are, in part to blame for the Weis Era.

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