Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crime Crisis Averted... back to the Olympics! UPDATE

UPDATE 10amish 8/12 -- HOLY FUCKING SHIT -- They released the guy they arrested. So back to lock down on the North Shore! Forget about the Olympics, forget about covering the Olympics, forget even thinking we're going to get the Olympics, there are white people getting mugged on the North Side! And the Cubs played last night on top of it! How is the city going survive this crime wave on the North Side?!?!?! Whatever you do, do not read any of this.
Phew, the city can go back to Full Olympic Mode! The North Side Mugger has been caught! White people are once again safe! Back to the Olympics!

I was getting worried that white people here in Chicago were going to start paying attention to crime! But, Daley and company can breath a sigh of relief... North Side Lakefront whites won't be focusing on crime any time soon now that they won't be mugged again for a few more months. So let's get back to focusing on getting the Olympics and Clout!

Meanwhile, for those who are a tad more interested in the fate of Chicago (and the country)... read this tragic story. Seems like there is one of these every month, at least, here in Chicago. But as they said in the Season Five of the Wire: Wrong Zip Code.

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Chris said...

One almost feels nostalgic for the days when buying votes was $200 in an envelope below the table, not hundreds of millions in contracts to the right people...

Oh, wait, we still are buying votes for $200, at least in NY: http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2009/08/12/2009-08-12_billionaire_feds_give_out_175m_to_aid_neediest_students_around_the_state_its_fre.html