Saturday, August 29, 2009


So according to new Tribune hire Scott Stantis, somewhat new Tribune editor Gerry Kern is, "a guy talking about creating a crusading paper, a paper with flavor and spice and passion."  That sounds great.  But why is it that the Tribune doesn't reflect that?  It's hooked one major story -- U of I clout -- and ran with it for what seems like five months now... nearly every day.  It's a tired story at this point -- yes clout is bad.  No, I'm not shocked that 50 kids got into U of I that should not have.  Yes, it's a shame it happened, but it's only 50 kids (less than 1% for those scoring at home).  Let's move on with our lives.

However, the full of "flavor and spice" Tribune continues to plug away with the U of I stuff.  It's as if nothing else in this city matters.  I know, I'm preaching to the choir at this point but what about: crime, the Olympics, CPS, the State budget, the lack of social services, the fact that every single word that comes from the Olympic committee's mouth is bullshit?  Today, the Trib ran another story on clout.  Okay fine.  Whatever, I'm not going to read it, but I'll link it.  Meanwhile, this article in the Sun-Times about the Olympics is informative and they call out the pipe dream projections coming from these 2016 Dreamers.

That Sun-Times story?  That's a story with spice and flavor and passion.  

And I should be fair, the Trib does run a few pieces with spice and passion: look no further than the editorial board.  They write about clout a tad too often for my liking, but I'll put up with it because of editorials like today's.

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