Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So close...

In a way, you've got to feel sorry for the Chicago Tribune Editorial board.  Tuesday was supposed to be their big day—the day that the Cook County Sales Tax would be rolled back.  They've been waiting for this day for about 18 months.  They've been so against the County's tax hike that they have a little clock counting down the days until the next election.  In fact, they were so confident that they even wrote an editorial on Monday about the rollback.  The excitement was in the air...

But of course this is Chicago and Cook County... the one place were the person who proposed the bill would vote against her own bill:
Sims deserved Tuesday's award for Most Bizarre Commissioner, a floating distinction for which there often are many qualified candidates. In July, Sims co-sponsored, and voted for, a measure to cut in half the full-percentage-point tax increase that took effect 14 months ago. Sims evidently had enough information to justify casting that July vote. Inexplicably, though, she didn't have enough information Tuesday to override Stroger's veto of the very measure she co-sponsored in July.
You can read the rest of that Trib's well written editorial at that link.  And while the Sun-Times echoed much of what the Trib said, it didn't have the passion that the Tribune's piece did.  

Anyway, what happened at the County yesterday is unique to Chicago and a few other cities in this country: everyone is left wonder just what the fuck is going on.  The tax hike was sold on the fact that the County Hospitals needed more money.  Well they don't.  So the question now is... where did and does all that money go?  (Other than the Forest Preserve hacks of course).

Who knows... and the thing is... at a certain point, we don't care.  Or better put, we stop caring.  And the hacks in the city and county know this. Keep the streets clean, make sure crime only happens in certain neighborhoods, pick up the garbage and get rid of the snow.  You do those four things... and you can do and make whatever you want here in Chicago.

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