Thursday, September 17, 2009

You couldn't make this stuff up.

You couldn't make this stuff up:
Protesters who attended Saturday’s Tea Party rally in Washington found a new reason to be upset: Apparently they are unhappy with the level of service provided by the subway system.

Rep. Kevin Brady asked for an explanation of why the government-run subway system didn’t, in his view, adequately prepare for this past weekend’s rally to protest government spending and government services.

I mean, you can be all anti-taxes and government for all I care, but please, whatever you do, do not bitch about there not being enough government or service.  You just look silly.  You look stupid.  And you make me wonder if you and your constituents are educated.  And I don't want to think that half the Republican Representatives from the South and their constituents are morons.  I don't want to think that my tax dollars go towards enabling these people to be stupid, because that's a billion times worse than the made up "Welfare Queen" whom you blame for all our problems.

You seriously couldn't make this shit up.  The South everyone, let's give it up for the South!  They may have caught up with us economically, but we're still waiting for them to catch up with us intellectually!

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