Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sun-Times Saved

Good day in Chicago yesterday.  The Oprah thing went fine.  Jay-Z played for free (though someone did get stabbed).  Cubs had 8 straight hits to start the game and won... and it looks like the Chicago Sun-Times will be saved.

Yup, Chicago continues to be a two paper town.  If only the Sox had won... at least the deal reminded me of Mike Royko.

I'm sure Trib Tower is a bit upset.  They've been waiting for years for the Sun-Times to fold.  'Any day now,' they would say to themselves.  Then make a glib remark about Ebert writing them to discontinue publishing the Red-Eye because it was the Red-Eye that was killing the Sun-Times.  Once the Sun-Times was gone then they'd have a nice little monopoly over Chicago and, I guess in theory, make a lot of their financial problems go away.  But I guess they'll have to continue to be the paper in bankruptcy.

Chicago wakes up to both the Trib and the Sun-Times.  The Almighty Tribune and it's harder working, better Chicago reporting red headed step child Sun-Times.  The real winners?  Anyone who lives in Chicago.  

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