Friday, September 4, 2009

Signs that your country is screwed: #29,483,283

When people bitch about the President giving a small speech to grade school students to the point where it becomes a story.

The GOP is complaining and giving their usual "socialist" bullshit stupid ass ignorant argument.  However, to be fair, back in the early 90s, Dems complained about Bush (the not bad one) giving a small little address to 3rd graders.

Come on people, let's let the President say hi to the kids and encourage them to stay in school.  It's really not a big deal.  He  isn't going to start talking about health care policy or the stimulus or some socialist program.  Why?  Because he's talking to 9 year olds.  And 9 year olds aren't interested in socialists agendas.  

So let's chill the fuck out.  No one is forcing every school student to watch this. It's totally optional if they want to hear the shout out that Obama's gonna lay on 'em. Let's just move on before we fuck this country up any more talking about stupid shit.

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