Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Tribune Takes a Stand!

It's been a long time coming, but the Trib devoted it's editorial page to the Olympics yesterday.  

So imagine my pleasure as I read all the questions they raise:
Will the taxpayer be on the hook?  
Will this just be the all time greatest Chicago corruption, who gets the contract corruption shit fest of all time?  
How about all those small 'details' that everyone always seems to 'forget' and end up cost just as much as the original price tag?  
The Trib, thankfully, raises all these questions.

But where do they stand?  Do they want the Olympics?  Do they not want the Olympics?  Do they think it's a good idea for Chicago?
DRUM ROLL............................................
Mr. Ryan, you and yours would do yourselves a great favor by voluntarily making your committee, and the successor Chicago Organizing Committee, subject to the provisions of Illinois' freedom-of-information law. That would allay the fear that, once you have the City Council on board, Chicago citizens will lose their leverage to protect the huge commitment you're asking of them.
What.  The.  Fuck.  That's it?  You want FOIAs on the Olympics?  You have to be kidding me. Way to take a stand there Chicago Tribune.  You want the most obvious, necessary, no fucking shit, of course guys, demand.  Freedom of information.

Why didn't the Trib talk about how Daley has sold the city down the river for the chance to get the Olympics?  Why didn't they talk about the soring crime rate, which is due in part, to chasing after the Olympics?  Or how the schools are out of money... again because TIF money has been shifted to Olympic wining and dining?

What does it take to get some one, anyone, in this city to raise some tough questions AND dish out some tough opinions?  Yeah, we have the Reader.  But that's it.  No wonder the city is a mess.

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